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Chase holds a BA in Music Education from University of Utah. He has played with Ed Kowalczyk, Peter Distefano, Six Degrees, James Byrd, Point One, and currently plays with 2808 recording artist, The Crying Spell.


During his tenure at the University of Utah, Chase was a member of the award-winning National Champion U of U Percussion Ensemble. He has also played on Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power, toured thoughout the United States, Australia, Caribbean, UK, Europe and South America. Chase is also a very active session musician, having done work for XBOX, video games, commercials, radio programs, and independent movies.


He currently teaches drums privately at Donn Bennett Drum Studios and owns Rock-It Music Academy which specializes in teaching young musicians the art and science of playing in a band.


Eric started playing guitar at age 11. Fascinated by hard rock bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Ozzy (Randy Rhoads years), he knew from the start that he had no other option but to be them when he grew up. He took lessons from a very young age and practiced hours a day.


Throughout grade school and high school, it became apparent to his teachers that he was in many ways better equipped to teach the class than they were. On multiple occasions, he ended up teaching classes of beginning guitar students himself.


He studied music at Washington State University before moving to Hollywood, CA to study at Guitar Institute of Technology, where he really started to develop his skills as a player. It was then that Guitar Player Magazine decided to feature him in a column, garnering him offers to play with acts around the world. In the end, he made the conscious decision to return home and set up shop in the Seattle area.


Once back in Seattle, he competed in the Seattle Guitar Stars Competition where he won first place in the Rock division, beating out guitarists twice his age. He proceeded to form and play in many bands, including Bone (Macola Records), Rosary Wall, Point One (Adrenaline Records), Second Coming (Capitol Records), and his current project, The Crying Spell.


The Crying Spell has recently toured the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, and Spain, featuring fellow Rock-It Instructor, Chase Culp, on the drums. When he's not on the road playing with The Crying Spell, Eric teaches private guitar & bass lessons at Rock-It Music Academy, and does studio session work.


A flashy, hard-hitting drummer with sharp skills and metronome timing, Galen has has been on a tear of late, touring the U.S. and Canada with Left Spine Down, Sounds of Mass Production (SMP), Stiff Valentine, and Unit:187.


Born in 1986 in Woodinville, WA, Galen is an American/Canadian dual-citizen who's been abusing drum kits since elementary school, and started taking lessons from Chase Culp at Donn Bennett Drum Studio at age 16. He draws on a deep classical and jazz base to bring the most flourish, strength and technique to the stage and studio. 


"My favorite drumming is jazz," Galen says. "It has so much feel and groove to it and rock incorporates a lot of jazz in to it as well. I think that has shaped my drumming the most over the years even though I mainly play rock/industrial. But if you ever hear me play you can definitely tell I used to play jazz."


Those who've worked with him speak highly of his chops, his adaptability and his professionalism. But don't take it from this writer:


"A drummer's drummer. Flash on the stage and no crap off the stage." - Jason Bazinet, Front Line Assembly, 16volt, Chemlab, SMP.


"Attitude + Aptitude = Galen Waling. Always prepared, always productive, and always reliable. 


He's a go-to guy for studio drum tracks, live shows, and touring." - "Loud" Chris DeMarcus – Stiff Valentine, Ex-Dismantled.


In his recent work, Galen has crushed as a pinch-hitter, filling in on short notice for tours with Left Spine Down, SMP  and Stiff Valentine. LSD and SV have since added him to their rosters full-time. Beyond these bands, Galen has been produced and recorded by Jules Hodgson (KMFDM, Pig), Brian Diemar (ex-Ministry & Revco), Jeremy Inkel (FLA, LSD), Dave “Rave” Oglvie (NIN, Skinny Puppy, Carly Rae Jepsen) and Steven Bier, Jr. (ex-Marilyn Manson). 


Bands on his resume include Desillusion, SMP (ft. members of 16volt, Chemlab, FLA), Uglyhead, Stiff Valentine (members of Dismantled, FLA, Landscape Body Machine), Left Spine Down (ft. 

members of FLA), Unit:187 (ft ex-members of FLA, fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad)  and Stayte (ft. members of REVCO).

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